Today... I write

 Today...  I write.   No more procrastination.  No more excuses.  No more I will do it laters. Today...  I write. In the silence, my mind wonders free A blank screen and flashing cursor stare at me Every flash of the cursor is ridicule Saying “I dare you you little fool” So with a deep deep breath And a trepidation of an unknown depth My fingers started dancing The words started advancing You can do this, you can write You can share your world You can do this, you can write Let it all unfurl So today, I write Today I begin Today I fight The battle of within I've struggled to begin, because, well, when life is so chaotic and confusing, where do you begin?  Today...  the only place I can begin is the now.  And maybe that is why I haven't written.   Now is a lot for me.  Sometimes to much.  Sometimes way, way to much.  Life is a lot.  I dream of days where it is not so much.  I am beginning this chapter by doing Celebrate Recovery at Central Church .  I've joined step study.